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eCloudChain is a customer-obsessed next-generation Cloud managed-services-provider company. Enterprises and businesses are rapidly adopting IaaS (infrastructure-as-a-service) and SaaS(software-as-a-service strategy) platforms to get the maximum benefits of Cloud computing. Whether you are an ambitious startup or established enterprise, We help you to transform your business to the next level. Our combined Multi-Cloud expertise offers you a strong foundation to establish a future-proof Cloud ecosystem for your IT applications and servers.

eCloudChain is becoming an emerging name as a trusted Cloud managed-services partner to provide best-practices for your Cloud journey. We work as a Cloud enabler for your digital transformation to provide you endless benefits of Cloud computing.

Start your Cloud journey today by building a robust CoE (Cloud-Center-of-Excellence) team with us to support you throughout your public Cloud adaption phase within your budget and demand !!

How customers explain cloud benefits

  • After moving the applications to the Cloud, Our focus is shifted from IT-Operations to Business drastically
  • Only 30% of our time is spent on managing Cloud computing resources
  • Cloud Migration has given us flixible cost control, security, governance, visibility, and monitoring of our Infrastructure

Increase Business Agility and Drive Innovation

IT Data Center


Data Center Cost

Stop spending on racks,servers,storage,networking physical space,cabling,cooling,power & labor. Free yourself from frequent IT maintenance,performance and backup issues.Let’s partner to create your Cloud infrastructure solution that will allow you to lower IT spending and let you focus on the core business

IT Hardware Planning


Hardware Planning

Stop guessing on your hardware requirements and save your quality time,efforts and money. Take the advantage of Infrastructure as a service(IaaS) and cloud resources, Let’s build your secure cloud based data-center.Pay only for the resources you need and auto scale up/down as your business requires them

IT Maintaince



Stop facing critical IT-Maintenance issues related to servers, storage, databases, production, and test environments. Let’s build your agile hosted Cloud infrastructure for you to provision new IT resources within minutes and only when you need them. Using Cloud computing eliminates the need to perform tedious IT Operations

Define Your
Multi-Cloud Strategy

We define for your organization the best Multi-Cloud strategy to give you the competitive pricing, services & tools and industry experience.


Cloud Managed Services

  • As a Cloud Managed Services Provider (MSP) we help you to convert your company’s capital expenditure(CAPEX) into operational expenditure(OPEX)
  • Cloud-based hosting will significantly reduce your Infrastructure maintenance & on-premises data-center running cost
  • Our Cloud MSP, DevOps, Security, Cloud Automation & Cloud Monitoring services  will help you to focus on your business goals and allow you to innovate like never before

Get reliable,secure and scalable Cloud services Portfolio

On Premises vs Cloud 1

Cloud Consulting Services

eCloudChain provides consulting services to assess the Cloud-Readiness of your organization and guide you through the cloud adoption journey. We build strong business-case and analyze the ROI in order to assess the tangible Cloud benefits. We have deep expertise in leading public Cloud platforms including AWS, AZURE, Google to provide you with the competitive cloud-strategy

Cloud Migration Services

  • Seamless Migration without any business & performance disruption
  • Cloud Center-of-Excellence(COE) with 24* 7 support
  • Step-by-Step Migration approach from any infrastructure combination including On-premises, Private-Cloud, Public or Hybrid-Cloud
  • Migrate from On-premises to Cloud and Cloud to On-Premises
Migration Types
eCloudChain Redshift


Perform Intelligent and Real-time Data-analysis for your  Products & Services by Migrating the existing Data-warehouse to Amazon Redshift. Boost the performance up to 70% and make super fast Business decisions with a unique Customers experience. Our Certified AWS Professionals stand firmly committed to help you with the seamless implementation of  AWS Redshift to help you achieve  the new Digital Milestone.

eCloudChain POC

Start your Cloud Strategy with a Proof-of-Concept(POC)

Our Proof of Program(POC) is designed to help customers to expedite their cloud adoption with minimal risk. It allows the customers to dig into features and functionalities of the migrated workload on the Cloud with predefined goals and objectives. We quickly build the required cloud infrastructure architecture on a smaller scale to keep it fast and cheap. It allows the customer to explore the capabilities of the proposed cloud-based solution in the cloud environment. We make sure the POC solution represents the key aspects of the platform and application. It also helps customers to make the right decisions to plan and prioritize their Cloud migration

Infrastructure Monitoring Solution

infrastructure monitoring solution

Whether your IT infrastructure resides on Cloud, On-premises or Hybrid, Infrastructure monitoring solution is required more than you probably can imagine. Having a 360 view of your enterprise’s applications, databases and infrastructure ..

Docker Containers-Benefits & Use-Cases


Docker Containers are highly scalable , It takes only a few seconds to provision Containers and based on the application needs, any number of Containerized applications can be provisioned to handle the peak load and once the demand…

Cloud is more Secure than the Data-Centers

eCloudChain Security 1

Cloud security and compliance is a shared responsibility between  Cloud providers and the customers.The Cloud providers are responsible for the security of the Cloud,while the customers are responsible for the security in the Cloud…

Define Your
Multi-Cloud Strategy

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Whether you need help to define your cloud roadmap, build,migrate & manage the cloud infrastructure or build BigData analytical capabilities - eCloudChain can help.

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