Infrastructure Monitoring Solutions

Drive Your Business Continuity Plan

Monitor your infrastructure in real-time to significantly save the cost and increase productivity. A comprehensive view of the health of your servers, databases, and applications helps you to build a strong IT infrastructure backbone for your business and avoid any unplanned downtime, network outage and database crashes.

Infrastructure Monitoring is an essential part of your business continuity plan to make it more secure that protects you against any possible cyber-attacks and make you more vigilant.


A Platform for Continuous Improvements

IT Maintenance issues can consume your quality time and energy and significantly reduce the overall business productivity and cause serious impacts on your business.

On the other hand, with careful infrastructure monitoring these IT maintenance issues can be managed in a predictive manner and help you make informed decisions.

Get the right infrastructure monitoring systems in place to help you navigate on the path of business innovations to benefit your business in many ways.

Business Continuity Methodology

Build Automation

Identify the areas of automation.Infrastructure Monitoring helps you with the right information where automation can be build

Alerts & Notifications

Get the real-time alerts & notifications on the critical events.Have a better IT governance with Infrastructure Monitoring in place

Quick Troubleshooting

Quickly troubleshoot the bottlenecks causing the technical issues and minimize the overall resolution time and improve up-time

Real-Time Infrastructure

Our infrastructure monitoring solution framework natively integrates with on-premises data-centers, servers, cloud applications, and databases for collection of the regular system matrix, after required aggregations and analysis it is provided to you on the interactive dashboards.

eCloud Infrastructure Monitoring
Avoid Overspending

Track the infrastructure resources to effectively manage IT spending

Minimize Downtime

Avoid panic shutdowns of your IT systems.Plan & minimize downtime

Build Security

Monitor all the IT access controls and avoid any possible security violation

Predictive Maintenance

Anticipate critical IT issues in advance and prepare and early solution

Customize Solutions for Your Business Needs

Our Open Source Monitoring Solutions

Your Business requirements change rapidly and can’t fit into a single product offering. Get a comprehensive long term monitoring solution that is customizable only for your needs and can be used as all your monitoring needs.

Highly Flexible

Constantly keep improving the solution to your needs without waiting period from the product vendors

No Product Lock-in

Get a complete solution only for your core business instead of a generic product developed for all the industries

eCloudChain Opensource Support
Highly Customizable

Add new use-cases, integrate with other new technologies as per the business requirements


Pay low software license fees and hardware costs. Only pay for what you use with the power of cloud-based pay-as-you-go model

eCloudChain ELK Solution

Infrastructure Monitoring Solution -with ELK Stack

Elasticsearch-Logstash-Kibana(ELK) stack is the world’s most popular log management platform and it’s proven to be the most robust log analysis solution across the industries. Elasticsearch is a No-SQL database for full-text search based on Apache-Lucene search engine, while Kibana is the visualization software and Logstash is the log aggregator.

Our infrastructure monitoring solution is based on the ELK stack deployed on AWS Cloud on the EC2 instance. Our data analysis engine performs aggregations in real-time on the data logs ingested by Logstash from different data sources.  The solution also uses serverless technology for the data-lake integration build on AWS S3 for external logs,data-sources, and IoT data.

Monitor Your Data Logs & Metrics
- with TIG Stack

TIG(TelegrafInfluxDBGrafana) is an open-source stack that is designed to handle high query loads. Telegraf is a plugin driven server agent for collecting metrics from databases, systems, and IoT sensors.InfluxDB is a time-series database designed to handle high write and query loads, and Grafana is opensource visualization and analytical software.

Our cloud-based infrastructure monitoring solution is based on the TIG stack deployed on AWS Cloud on the EC2 instance. Telegraf integrates with all your data-sources for metrics and logs collection and ingests it into InfluxDB.After the necessary analysis of the data-sets, the visualizations are created on Grafana to build continuous monitoring.

TIG Process


Infrastructure Monitoring

Get all your infrastructure metrics/logs into one single view

Application Monitoring

Monitor your applications in real-time and discover areas of improvements

Cloud Monitoring

Manage your cloud services more effectively with cloud monitoring

Container Monitoring

Increase the effectiveness of your micro services architecture

IoT Analytics

Monitor the real-time data-streaming generated by IoT devices

Cost Monitoring

Monitor cost and configure alerts on reaching certain threshold 

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