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Build,Deploy and Manage Complex Cloud Transformation

Cloud transformation can initially be a daunting task. You need a clear  IT  and Cloud strategy to navigate. Our enterprise cloud consulting services assist you to prioritize your digital initiatives that are most important to your business.

We have deep expertise to help you build digital solutions based on agile, fully managed, automated, and serverless infrastructure created on the leading cloud platforms including AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.

Consulting as a Service
Consulting as a Service eCloudChain

Assess Cloud Readiness of Your Organization

Implement Best Practices for IT & Cloud Solutions

Organizations are focusing on their enterprise digital-transformation strategy to improve business-agility, cost-efficiency, performance, security, and high availability to modernize their traditional data-centers, application, and workloads.

For any such IT transformation, management has to take a series of key-decisions that can have far-fetching implications on business and technology governance.

What you need during this phase is an experienced enterprise consulting partner to analyze and assess your readiness for the digital transformation,  we work with you during the transition to ensure you the maximum benefits.

eCloud Consulting Services
eCloud Consulting M
Cost Consulting2


Get a cost comparison analysis of running your workloads on-premises vs running them on the cloud. We help you to control your cloud infrastructure cost and understand direct and indirect cost benefits. Cloud cost analysis provide you a detail TCO comparison by cost categories

Security Consulting2


Get a comprehensive strategy for cloud security best practices. We ensure the highest level of network, data and application security for your cloud infrastructure. Our cloud security consulting encompasses cloud security by automation and by compliance and regulation

MultiCloud Consulting2


Get a complete compatibility analysis for your workloads against different public cloud platforms based on various parameters like pricing, services, and features. We help you build a reliable and secure multi-cloud strategy and an execution plan

Lay a Solid Foundation With Cloud CoE

Deploy a dedicated Team for a successful Cloud Transformation

A cloud center of excellence(CCoE) is a dedicated team of cloud consultants and subject matter experts (SMEs) responsible to solve the cloud transformation challenges and allow you to experiment, learn and optimize the cloud solutions and its cost. The CCoE team retains the core knowledge throughout the cloud transformation phase and during the maintenance and support phase. Later, CCoE also provides assistance to build and deliver new products and services.


eCloudChain CoE

Cloud-Transformation Best Practices

eCloudChain Architect it well

Architect it Well

As a cloud consulting services partner, we help you to build and manage cloud technology solutions that follow well-architected framework best practices for designing and operating them in the cloud. We consistently identify the areas of improvements for reliability, security, cost efficiency to continuously evolve the solution architecture. Well architected cloud solutions can greatly increase the likelihood of your organization's successful cloud transformation strategy.

eCloudChain Security

Ensure Security

For any organization, cloud security is on the highest priority during and after the cloud transformation. As a cloud consulting partner we provide you the most reliable security solutions. Cloud infrastructure security depends upon many factors and can be assured in numerous ways such as by enabling trace-ability with automated alerts and notifications, applying multi-layer security control strategy, by applying data encryption mechanisms in transit and rest modes and by regulations and compliances.

eCloudChain Automation

Implement Automation

Enterprise cloud strategy needs a cloud automation strategy to limit human errors and increases efficiency. Our cloud consulting offerings provide you with comprehensive due diligence on operational procedures and possible areas of automation.Use infrastructure and applications as code and trigger them in response to events. Frequent small and reversible changes are made to experiment with the failure scenarios to evolve fast.

eCloudChain Reliability

Build Reliability

Reliability is a very strong pillar for any organization.Often system fails during the recovery process since there are no precise ways to validate the applications and database backups for recovery. As a cloud consulting services provider we help you to build a strong recovery strategy by implementing cloud infrastructure automation and monitoring practices. With more sophisticated automation it's even possible to anticipate and rectify failures before they occur.

Cloud Training Programs

Training is the most important aspect of the Cloud adoption journey and we give utmost focus to plan for the Cloud training program. eCloudChain’s assessment framework ensures that during the Cloud adoption journey the staff acquires adequate knowledge on new skills & processes.Our Cloud Consulting champions continue to engage with the stakeholders to prioritize training, staffing and organization need to build an agile echo-system which is ready for effective cloud adoption.

eCloudChain Training

Ensuring you the Best Cloud Security


eCloudChain ensures the security of your organization.During the assessment phase, we work to chart out a robust security plan for pre & post cloud adoption journey.

With the key focus areas :

  • Infrastructure Security Planning
  • Data Protection Planning
  • User Access Management & Authorization
  • Monitoring & Automated Notifications
eCloudChaiCloud Secure

Why Cloud is more Secure than Traditional IT

Cloud security and compliance is a shared responsibility between the Cloud Providers and the Customers...

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