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Cloud Consulting Services Portfolio

 eCloudChain’s Cloud Consulting Services & Business Advisories portfolio helps our customers to define an effective Cloud Strategy.A successful Cloud Adoption Journey starts with a careful analysis and evaluation at various levels of Business, Processes, People, and Technologies. eCloudChain’s robust Cloud Consulting Services offerings ensure to make this journey smooth & exciting for your organization.

Cloud Consulting experts engage with the customers on the principals of Cloud Transformation Maturity Model(CTMM) by AWS whereby the critical business challenges are identified and addressed by applying Cloud Computing Best Practices during the four stages of Cloud Transformation Strategy: Project, Foundation, Migration, and Optimization
Simultaneously we perform the TCO and ROI analysis to analyze the financial benefits you get immediately after moving to the new Cloud platform

Cloud Road-Map Design

Our Cloud Consulting Services offers the assessment exercise which helps us  to design the Cloud Roadmap & Strategy for our customers, a necessary step towards their successful Cloud-adoption-journey.Extensive information is gathered from existing on-premise application & database landscape and internal architectural documents.This provides detail input for TCO analysis & financial benefits of the new Cloud-platform.


Cloud-Adoption Best Practices

Business Case

Build Business Case

Our Cloud Consulting experts starts the assessment exercise by creating a strong business case for your organization to be ready for the cloud-adoption.At this stage we work with you to collaborate between Business strategies & goals with  IT strategies and goals.On one hand we engage with the stakeholders  to create a strong business case while on the other, a detail exercise is conducted to gather extensive information on the existing landscape.

Cloud Assessment Report​

Cloud Assessment-Report

The outcome of the assessment is a full 360-degree view of the existing infrastructure and the processes.Assessment provides the detailed overview of all the business & technical dependencies to be considered along with the TCO & ROI analysis required to streamline the successful Cloud-Strategy.Assessment Outcome also helps in comparing different cloud platforms like AWS,Azure,Google.

IT Infrastructure Plan

IT & Infrastructure Plan

We move on to the next key stage of the assessment to plan for application,databases and other infrastructure components.Our Cloud Consulting and IT architecture experts use variety of models and techniques to understand the IT systems and their relationship along with its aligned business processes. The outcome of this stage gives a fully 360 degree view into existing on-premises IT and infrastructure landscape.

Ready for Cloud Adoption

Ready for Cloud-Adoption

At this stage, Your organization is ready to move on the next-phase of the cloud-adoption-journey with guiding principals set during the assessment exercise including business-objectives, workload-priorities.The next phase after assessment is the cloud-migration plan, Our Cloud Consulting experts will now be ready to help you for the cloud storage & Security architecture,instance and other infrastructure component sizing.

Cloud Training Programs

Training is the most important aspect of the Cloud adoption journey and we give utmost focus to plan for the Cloud training program. eCloudChain’s assessment framework ensures that during the Cloud adoption journey the staff acquires adequate knowledge on new skills & processes.Our Cloud Consulting champions continue to engage with the stakeholders to prioritize training, staffing and organization need to build an agile echo-system which is ready for effective cloud adoption.

Cloud Training

Ensuring you the best Cloud Security

Secure Cloud 3

eCloudChain ensures the security of your organization.During the assessment phase, we work to chart out a robust security plan for pre & post cloud adoption journey.

With the key focus areas :

  • Infrastructure Security Planning
  • Data Protection Planning
  • User Access Management & Authorization
  • Monitoring & Automated Notifications
eCloudChain Security 2

Why Cloud is more Secure than Traditional IT

Cloud security and compliance is a shared responsibility between the Cloud Providers and the Customers...

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