Next-Gen Cloud MSP

Traditional MSP

  1. Run and Operate
  2. Hardware-based solutions
  3. Centralized operations 
  4. Device-based SLAs
  5. Complex, manual change management
  6. Static monitoring with fixed thresholds
  7. Security risk mitigation
  8. Outsourcing vendor

Next-Gen MSP

  1. Solution design, architect and automation
  2. Cloud-based agile solutions
  3. Distributed operations and resources
  4. Solution/application-based SLAs
  5. DevOps, CI/CD, infrastructure as code
  6. Dynamic monitoring, anomaly detection, machine learning
  7. Security by design, continuous compliance
  8. Trusted advisor and partner

Build Next-Generation Infrastructure Capabilities

Improve your business agility, reduce cost and unburden yourself with operational overheads

Empower your organization with next-generation cloud managed services to get a new set of skills, capabilities, processes, and services to design, migrate, run, manage and optimize your infrastructure and applications in the cloud.

Traditional MSPs were only focused on managing hardware and delivering on-premises solutions. However as the technology is changing rapidly, customers are increasingly demanding best-of-breed cloud strategies and next-gen cloud managed services offerings that reduce costs, improve business agility and increase security to focus on their goals of delivering an unparalleled customer experience that drives growth.

eCloudChain MSP Navigate

We help you to reduce critical risks and operational overheads to establish next-generation cloud-managed services like security, backup, disaster recovery, change-management,cloud-monitoring, configuration & cost-management and so on.

Cloud Managed Services Offerings


Cloud Backup & Storage

Our cloud MSP offerings formulate the right strategy for your cloud backups & storage services to safeguard applications, databases & workloads.Get the automated  in-memory or block-level backups with reliable recovery options
eCloud Security

Cloud Security

We protect, manage and monitor your IT environment 24*7 with cloud security best practices like intrusion protection, IAM based roles, firewall management, and data encryption mechanisms.
eCloud Monitoring

Cloud Monitoring

Our cloud-managed service offerings provide you a real-time cloud infrastructure monitoring with automated alarms & notifications. This keeps your organization’s performance and security at the highest levels.

Hybrid & Private Cloud

Whether on-premises,hybrid or public cloud, we manage any combination of IT infrastructure as a part of our Cloud MSP. We ensure the highest quality for all your mission-critical workload

Change Management

Our Cloud managed services take care of the change management process. Any changes to your applications & databases and OS. Changes are part of any business IT operations and we efficiently support it.

eCloud Incident Management

Incident Management

Automated notifications and health checks of cloud infrastructure is key to any smooth business operations. We are committed to support your cloud infrastructure by timely & efficiently resolution of incidents

Cost Management

Next-generation cloud management services helps you to optimize you cloud infrastructure cost and compare it with the existing data-center maintenance-cost to provide you total savings(TCO & ROI) analysis

Configuration Management

Configuration Management

Infrastructure as a code is one of the key benefits and features of the next generation of cloud managed services. We empower you to automate and manage all the configurations of the workloads.

eCloud DevOps

Cloud DevOps

Continuous development & deploy software products with DevOps ecosystem for easy provisioning and fast release process. Adapt the DevOps culture with the help of next-generation cloud managed services.

Innovation without Limitation

Start your Cloud Adaption Journey with a Next-Generation MSP partner

You need a strong MSP partner to help you solve complex business problems faster and in a more agile way. As a next-generation Cloud Managed Services Provider(MSP), we take software development approach instead of the traditional MSP approach to migrate, optimize and manage your workloads i.e 

Plan & Design –> Build & Migrate –> Run & Operate –>Optimize

With an early engagement at the starting of your Cloud adoption journey, you’ll have a trusted MSP partner with the right experience, resources, and techniques to leverage along the way.


Cloud Migration Services

Modernize Your Legacy Applications and Improve Operational Efficiency

Plan and build your cloud migration strategy to minimize any risks and reduce migration complexities. We provide you a secure and organized approach for a successful cloud migration of your on-premises workloads, infrastructure, servers, applications, and databases.

As cloud systems integrators(SI), we are committed to provide our customers with maximum benefits of the cloud with Improved time to market and decision-making capabilities. Assess, plan, and simplify the complex cloud migration process and transform your organization that runs on modern, digital, and agile data-centers.

Build Your DevOps Culture

Automate your continuous develop, build, test and release processes

Minimize Risk with Multi Cloud Approach

What is increasingly getting popular among IT-decision-makers is the Multi-Cloud-Strategy.

The Cloud Managed Services for Multi-Cloud-Strategy allows any organization to get best out of available cloud services & platform by their providers in terms of pricing, performance, features, reliability and Industry experience.

Pricing: Each cloud provider has different pricing models offered for each cloud-services, By comparing the TCO analysis for required cloud-services for available workloads, you can plan the multi-cloud-strategy on the best pricing models offered.

eCloud Multi-Cloud

Feature & Functionalities: Multi-cloud strategy allows you to leverage the best feature-strength from cloud-service-providers, Based on the workload-requirements and business-objectives these features and functionalities can be mix & combined together to bring the most-optimum value to your organization.

High Availability: Optimum multi-cloud strategy can be designed to get the high-availability features for business-critical workloads, In a typical multi-cloud scenario a computer can be on AWS and storage on Azure or Google cloud.

Industry Experience: An important parameter of a feasible multi-cloud infrastructure design is also the industry-expertize of the cloud-service-provider. For example a typical telecom organization, telco-specific workloads can be best suited on a certain cloud-platform due to its expertise and availability of tools (like billing & charging), while at the same time its CRM, ERP or Data-warehouse workloads can be better suited for another cloud-platform.

Maximize your  IT Performance and Savings 

  • Move from CAPEX to an OPEX IT model with significant savings on maintaining and running data-centers
  • Eliminate the guesswork on IT-infrastructure capacity requirements, Pay-as-you-go with no upfront cost
  • Innovate and focus on your Business and accelerate the growth

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