Cloud Managed Services

Improve Business Agility, Reduce Cost & Overcome Operational Overhead

Empower your business with our seamless and efficient cloud managed services offerings. We understand the challenges of managing complex IT environments and the impact it can have on your IT resources. Our comprehensive cloud and data management services can help you to simplify IT operations, optimize costs, and enhance your strategic initiatives.

From tailored cloud solutions to proactive data management and support, we offer a range of cloud infrastructure services to meet your unique needs. 

Cloud Managed Services Overview

Empower Your Business with Next-Gen Cloud MSP

Get Operational Excellence Through Continuous Cloud Management

Are you looking to take your business to new heights of success?

Look no further, because we work as your trusted Cloud MSP and consulting partner. With our next-gen cloud managed services, you’ll be soaring with agility, security, software delivery, and customer satisfaction. 

With our vast expertise in renowned public cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, and GCP, we assure you that we can simplify your operations without compromising on security.

As the trusted Cloud MSP and advisory partner, we are committed to helping businesses enhance their agility, security, delivery, and customer satisfaction. 

Cloud Managed Services Offerings
Cloud Consulting Services

IT Consulting Services

Improve Business Agility, Reduce Cost & Overcome Operational Overhead

Data Analytics Consulting Services

Data Analytics Services

Advance Data Analytics with AI & Machine Learning Technologies

Cloud Migration Consulting Services

Cloud Migration Services

Efficiently Build the Right Cloud Migration Strategy For Your Workloads

Why Traditional MSPs Struggle to Keep Pace with Modern Business Demands

Decoding MSP Evolution: Traditional vs. Next-Gen MSP

Traditional MSP Next-Generation MSP
Run and Operate
Solution design, architect and automation
Hardware-based solutions
Cloud-based agile solutions
Centralized operations
Distributed operations and resources
Device-based SLAs
Solution/application-based SLAs
Complex, manual change management
DevOps, CI/CD, infrastructure as code
Static monitoring with fixed thresholds
Dynamic monitoring, anomaly detection, machine learning
Security risk mitigation
Security by design, continuous compliance
Outsourcing vendor
Trusted advisor and partner

Empower Your Business Growth With Our Top-tier Cloud Management Expertise

Improve The Scalability & ROI Of Your Cloud Infrastructure

Cost Management

Next generation public cloud management services help you optimize the infrastructure management cost and compare it with the existing data-center maintenance cost to provide you the total savings(TCO & ROI) analysis

eCloudChain Security

Security As A Service

Protect, manage and monitor your cloud operations 24*7 with security best practices like intrusion protection, IAM-based roles, firewall management, and data encryption mechanisms.

eCloud Monitoring

Infrastructure Monitoring

Our cloud-managed service offerings provide you a real-time cloud infrastructure monitoring with automated alarms & notifications. This keeps your organization’s performance and security at the highest levels.

Hybrid & Private Cloud

On-premises, hybrid, or public cloud, we manage all the IT models as a part of our Cloud infrastructure managed services offerings. We ensure the highest level  of support for all your mission-critical workloads

Change Management

Our managed services offering supports a strong change management process. Change management is part of any business, IT, & cloud operations and we efficiently provide support for your applications & databases, and OS.


Incident Management

Automated notifications and health checks of cloud infrastructure & operations is key to any smooth business operations. We are committed to support your public & hybrid cloud platforms by timely & efficiently resolution of incidents


Backups & Recovery

Our cloud-managed services offerings formulate the right strategy for backups & DR to protect your applications, databases & workloads. Get automated in-memory and block-level backups with reliable recovery options.

Configuration Management

Cloud Management

Infrastructure-as-code is one of the key benefits and features of next generation cloud management services. We empower you to automate and manage all the configurations of the applications, databases & workloads.

eCloud DevOps

Cloud DevOps

Continuous development & deployment of software products with DevOps agile practices for easy infrastructure provisioning and faster software release. Adapt the DevOps culture with the help of next-generation public cloud managed services.

Optimize Your IT Infrastructure Cost To Get Maximum Productivity

No-Upfront Investment Or Long Term Committment

Achieve optimal cost-efficiency for your infrastructure while maintaining top-notch performance. Tailor your cloud infrastructure to perfectly align with your needs, ensuring maximum productivity at the lowest cost possible. Deploy the ideal instance types (EC2) and block storage (EBS Volumes) specifically designed for your workloads. Seamlessly scale up or down your cloud infrastructure components as needed, eliminating any unnecessary expenses along the way.

As a Cloud MSP & Systems Integrator (SI), we help our customers to keep their IT infrastructure costs in control and empower them to focus on their core business.

Re-Invent The Future With AWS Managed Services (AMS)

Modernize Your IT Workloads With AWS Cloud Services

Our AWS Managed Services(AMS) offering assists you with agile IT infrastructure services & solutions to modernize your business. Re-invent your data centers with AWS Managed Services(AMS) to expedite your digital transformation.

Our profound expertise in AWS cloud infrastructure services helps your organization assess cloud readiness and conduct a detailed workload analysis to build a cloud adaptation roadmap for the fast-changing digital technology.

Our Cutting Edge Data Management Services

Get Ready For Generative AI By Building Modern Data Analytics Capabilities

Take your data management to the next level and experience greater efficiency with our innovative offerings. Don’t get left behind by relying on outdated, traditional on-premises solutions – they won’t cut it when you’re using generative AI. Upgrade today and let us help you initialize a smooth transition of all your data into a unified repository – a data lake! Plus, we’ve got the expertise to migrate your current data warehouse setup from on-premises to cloud-based modern data warehouses. So embrace greater efficiency with our data management services.

Choose The Best Cloud Offerings & Pricing With The Multi-Cloud Approach


 Each public cloud provider has different pricing models offered for each cloud service, By comparing the TCO analysis for required cloud services for available workloads, you can plan the multi-cloud managed services on the best pricing models offered.

Feature & Functionalities

A multi-cloud managed services strategy allows you to leverage the best feature strength from cloud-service providers, Based on the workload requirements and business objectives these features and functionalities can be mixed & combined together to bring the most-optimum value to your organization.

High Availability

An optimum multi-cloud strategy can be designed to get the high-availability features for business-critical workloads, In a typical multi-cloud scenario a computer can be on AWS and storage on Azure or Google cloud.

Industry Experience

An important parameter of a feasible multi-cloud infrastructure design is also the industry expertise of the cloud-managed services provider. For example a typical telecom organization, telecom-specific workloads can be best suited for a particular cloud platform due to its expertise and availability of tools (like billing & charging), while at the same time its CRM, ERP, or Data-warehouse workloads can be better suited for another cloud-platform.

Build Your Safety Net With MultiCloud

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