Cloud Migration Services

Build The Right Cloud Migration Strategy For Your On-Premises Workloads

Deploying, managing, maintaining, and scaling traditional on-premises infrastructure can be expensive & time-consuming. Furthermore, to accommodate peak workloads, many on-premises data centers have to over-provision their infrastructure which can lead to lengthy procurement cycles and supply chain issues.

Our team specializes in the intricate process of cloud migration with a wealth of experience in both traditional data centers and modern cloud infrastructure services. This allow us to recognize and solve complex cloud migration challenges that may arise when transitioning from on-premise to the cloud.

cloud migration services

Efficiently Handle Your Cloud Migration Challenges

Lift And Shift Monolith Applications From Your Data Center And Save Upto 70% Cost

The cost, complexity, and operational burden of managing on-premises infrastructure can significantly inhibit an organization’s ability to embrace digital transformation.

Our  reliable cloud migration services provide you many advantages that go beyond streamlining operations, optimizing resource usage, and paying for services as they’re consumed – like reducing or eliminating the need for traditional servers, network hardware, and storage equipment.

Let our cloud migration expertise be the guiding light to uncovering the complexities of your IT infrastructure and workloads.

Cloud Migration Services Challenges

True Agility

Move away from older piling up technologies. Easily spin up new servers and infrastructure when you need and stop them when you don't

Lower IT Cost

Avoid any upfront investment & reduce ongoing costs associated with running IT environments, including licensing power & facilities costs

Staff Productivity

Move away from day-to-day complex IT maintenance and let your team focus on new IT initiatives and key business areas of you organization

Accelerate The Pace Of Your Digital Transformation

Leverage Our Cloud Services For Many New Ways To Manage Cost

Infrastructure as Code

Docker Containers

Serverless Technology

Automate & Transform

MultiCloud Strategy

Increased Security

Cloud Management

Cost Monitoring

Cloud Best Practices

Prioritize Your Workloads For Seamless Cloud Migration

To reduce cloud migration challenges, It’s essential to understand what’s vital for the move. Some workloads can be migrated to the Cloud easily while some need a more careful plan. We ensure a smooth migration and hassle-free post-migration experience for you.

New Workloads

New workloads are best-fit and less-complex and hence should be given first priority for cloud-migration


Workloads that only needs a few basic configuration changes by keeping their core architecture intact are considered next for cloud-adaption

Cloud Migration Services Strategy
Lift and Shift

Workloads running on to the infrastructure that is due for renewal are considered for lift-n-shift cloud-migration


Some workloads need their core architectures to be updated to achieve agility,auto-scaling, etc. They need a careful assessment before migration

Start small with a POC

The first step is to build a Pilot project. We work with you to identify one of the significant projects to be migrated. The pilot POC project helps you to validate all the cloud migration benefits of IaaS(Infrastructure-as-a-Service) and PaaS(Platform-as-a-Service)

Scale-Up & Migrate

After the successful cloud-migration POC, you have full clarity on all the cloud features and the benefits that you are going to get after moving on to the cloud and are now confident to scale-up by including additional workloads, applications, and databases

Automate & Improve

Your organization is now ready to formulate a strong cloud-first policy where the cloud becomes the default choice. Continue to reduce infrastructure costs by monitoring & automation. Build innovative solutions, improve time to market & customer experience

Assess, Plan and Build A Successful Cloud Migration Roadmap

Remove Bottlenecks From Your Existing Applications and Business Processes

When it comes to cloud migration, the decisions you make can greatly affect the costs.

Our team support and guide you to ensure that your decisions are aligned with your budget and business objectives. To anticipate and mitigate any potential cloud migration issues, we conduct a comprehensive assessment of your existing on premises setup.

Whether re-hosting on-premises workload or moving the entire data center to the cloud, we help organization to make their migration journey faster,safer,easier and more cost-effective.

Cloud Migration Services Architecture DMS

From new-workloads to re-architecting and lift-and-shift, we help you to implement AWS cloud computing services to modernize your legacy IT infrastructure and build the agility for on-demand delivery of IT resources.

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We provide seamless migration of your on-premises workloads to the Microsoft Azure Cloud platform. Our Azure practice will ensure that you get the maximum benefits of your cloud investment and make your transformation to Azure cloud a success.


We enable successful migration of your on-premises workloads to Google Cloud Platform(GCP). We start with an end-to-end GCP cloud strategy and build a detailed business case to provide you the maximum cloud migration benefits.

Modernize Your Legacy Data Warehouse

Get Improved Agility,Greater Cost Efficiency And Enhanced Performance

Data warehouse solutions

Improve business agility & boost performance by up to 70%. Implement a cost-effective modern data warehousing solution to run high-performance data analytics on structured and unstructured data and build powerful reports and dashboards.

We can make your transition from legacy on-premise infrastructure to cloud smooth and straightforward. Moving your data warehouse to the cloud offers a wealth of advantages, such as improved agility, greater cost-efficiency, and enhanced performance. We also take care of all maintenance tasks including infrastructure provisioning, software patching, setup, configuration, monitoring nodes and drives for failure recovery or backups, and more.

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