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As organizations are embarking on the path of digital transformation, DevOps is becoming more critical than ever. The most important aspect of DevOps is the philosophy behind its use. Implementing these philosophies and DevOps practices helps organizations to automate manual tasks and digitize their business processes.

DevOps strengthen an organization’s ability to deliver services at high speed, collaborate faster, avoid failed deployments, better serve their customers and compete more effectively to deliver on their goals.

eCloudChain DevOps Model

Infrastructure as Code

Cost Optimization

Continuous Development

Infrastructure Monitoring



DevOps Continuous Integration & Delivery [CI-CD] Model

Adapt the modern way of software development and team collaboration by applying the DevOps CI/CD model. DevOps continuous integration and delivery model allows your development teams to work faster on a continuous stream of software improvements without any pause and deploy quality code.

Empower your software development, and IT operational processes by implementing DevOps practices and avoid failed deployments and software-bugs.

Build secure and high-quality software solutions in less time and improve time-to-market and customer-satisfaction.

eCloudChain CI-CD Model

Cloud Cost Optimization

Control Your IT Spending

Effectively manage your IT  cost. Track the infrastructure resources to avoid overspending. Implement infrastructure-as-code and other DevOps key practices.

eCloud Secure


Improve security control by using automated compliance policies,infrastructure as code and configuration management techniques.Adopting DevOps Model eliminates the possibilities for human errors and provides you secure and scalable solution.

eCloud Fast


Quickly launch new product features and fix bugs to innovate your products faster. Improve your customer response and build a competitive advantage by applying to automate provisioning and configuration techniques with infrastructure-as-code.

eCloud Real-Time


Capture, categorize, analyze and generate data & logs by applications and infrastructure to understand insights and troubleshoot root causes of problems. Real-time monitoring helps your organization to achieve predictive analysis capabilities.

Build Next-Gen Software Solutions Faster,Cheaper & Bug-Free


DevOps is promoting a greater level of collaboration between operations and development teams. Applying DevOps agile practices, IT teams to build, test and deploy new software within a shorter time frame and with fewer bugs. With DevOps automation, you can improve operational efficiency and reduce costs.


Embark on the path of digital-transformation by applying DevOps methodologies in your business workflows. DevOps features like Infrastructure-as-code, Serverless, CI/CD processes, Real-time monitoring & Alerts, Predictive Analysis foster a culture of agile IT, which is the strong foundation of any successful digital transformation.

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