Why You Need Managed Services For Cloud?

Why do you need managed services for the cloud?

To maintain your car, do you change tires, filters, and oil by yourself?

Do you really spend quality time learning about various spare parts and every detail of how they work and operate?

Well, your answer could be YES in this particular case  !!

However, for that matter, do you also try to learn investment banking for your finances or study engineering skills for your house construction?

Practically, it’s impossible to get into every single detail, learn, analyze and then build solutions to our problems ourselves.

Most definitely, at a certain point, successful businesses find it wise to focus on their core business and let the experts do the rest.

What are Managed Services For Cloud?

Next-gen IT infrastructure management & operational efficiency 

Managed Services for Cloud allow businesses to leverage the power of cloud computing without the pain of becoming an expert in it.

Managed Services for Cloud offer you comprehensive cloud management support by outsourcing the cloud operations to the managed services for cloud providers (MSPs). It helps your business to ease the complexities and lower the operational and security risks. 

Whether you are just starting to build cloud solutions, migrating your data center, or optimizing infrastructure costs, IT maintenance is a critical component to be successful in the cloud. Managed Services for Cloud helps your organization to improvise its cloud operations skills. It makes it easy to transform your applications and business in the cloud.

Managing your IT infrastructure can be costly, both in hard dollars and in human resources. By simplifying & streamlining your processes and freeing up resources, you can focus on strategic business initiatives, reduce costs, and leave the day-to-day management to the Cloud Managed Services Provider (MSPs)”  Deloitte Consulting

Why Do You Need Managed Services For Cloud?

Reduce infrastructure management overhead and deploy services quickly

Often in-house IT departments don’t possess the required skill to effectively monitor and maintain a cloud environment.

In such a situation you need a managed services provider(MSP) to manage your daily IT operations for cloud-based services i.e. cloud security, network operations, application stacks, vendors, etc. 

Cloud MSPs can provide you with managed services for public, private, and hybrid clouds during your migration, optimization, security, and maintenance. They help you maximize benefits from cloud services while minimizing internal time and costs.

During your cloud adaption, you need a lot of technical support on various cloud services including designing server architecture, managing security tools, automatic patching and updating, cost optimization, etc.

Cloud MSPs can save you a considerable amount of time and money by providing you with this complex technical expertise.

Key Benefits of Hiring Cloud MSPs (Managed Services Providers)

Stay on top of the latest cloud solutions and prevent delays in time to market

Managed Services Providers(MSPs) for Cloud provides partial or complete cloud management services for public and hybrid cloud. There are many benefits of MSPs. For example, resource optimization, cloud integration, and predictable spending.

MSPs operate all the complex IT tasks required to manage your cloud infrastructure, tools, applications, and databases.

Managed Services for the cloud allows you to focus on your core business and let you build great products and solutions. You can stay fast and lean instead of having to perform day-to-day complex IT operations.

Here are the key benefits for your organization :

Optimize Your IT Cost 

Managed Services for the cloud provides greater flexibility for your monthly budget and ensures that you are only spending what you expect each month.

Cloud MSPs use tiered-based subscription charging to meet your business needs.

With recurring fixed monthly charges, you get to decide how much your business is ready to pay and allows you to plan your budget well in advance.

Predictable pricing gives you flexibility and peace of mind knowing that you can access these services whenever you need them, at no extra cost.

Improve Your Security & Compliance

Managed Services for cloud providers are specialized in IT and cyber security for cloud operations. They maintain highly experienced teams of security experts who always stay on top of emerging cyber threats.

Cloud MSPs provide infrastructure and network monitoring services for application vulnerability, configuration management, and firewall management. It helps you to timely fix any potential security issues.

Automate Your IT Operations

IT Operational processes are repetitive and resource-intensive. These processes need to be streamlined and automate to improve overall productivity so you can focus on more strategic business initiatives and add more value.

Managed Services Providers provide you with the expertise to build process automation for IT operations. They perform proactive monitoring to identify the potential areas for automation to improve service quality.

Automated managed services help you reduce the number of errors, effectively manage your IT staff and reduce the operational cost.

Build A Strong Business Continuity Plan

At this time of the Pandemic (and to avoid any similar situations in the future), it’s worth considering a cloud-based business continuity and a disaster recovery plan.

Cloud MSPs help you to build the IT collaboration capabilities within your organization and with your clients to be able to carry out work from home/remote by connecting to your  IT infrastructure and applications remotely.

It’s a very cost-effective way of building resilience in your IT systems. You can scale up/down/pause your infrastructure as your business demand changes during any disaster situation.


How eCloudChain Can Help 

We help you successfully navigate your journey to the cloud

As a next-generation managed services provider for the cloud, eCloudChain offers customized solutions for your business that improve business agility, reduce cost, and overcome operational overhead. We provide :

  • Architecture guidance
  • Backup and disaster recovery
  • System administration and operations 
  • System monitoring, alerting and reporting
  • Database Administration
  • Performance testing and tuning
  • Proactive communications and 24×7 support
  • A single point of contact for support
  • DNS management
  • Security and compliance management
  • Developer support and training

We work with you as your trusted cloud MSP partner with the right skills and experience to build and manage your public and hybrid cloud platforms, business applications & IT processes. Know More…

How Can We Help ?

We build strategic partnerships with our customers to transform their businesses by providing cutting-edge cloud computing services… Know More...

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