Accelerate your Digital Transformation

Find The Right Way Forward with Cloud Proof of Concepts(POC)

Rapid Solution Prototyping Allows You To Minimize Any Unforeseen Risks and Give You Deep Learning Experience.

Developing POCs Helps You To Eliminate Any Guess Work and Timely Manage Any Technical Pitfalls Before They Occur.

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How POCs can help your business ?

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Cloud POC provides you with plenty of options and possibilities during designing the solution architecture. It helps you in choosing the right technologies and components for your business

Minimize Cost

Cloud POC gives you full control over your budget. It helps you to explore all the cost factors until you are fully convinced with the proposed solution architecture & its costing models

Keep learning

POC approach is an excellent way of learning the latest technologies since there is no risk involved. It provides you a platform for research and development for continuous innovations.

eCloudChain Cloud Adaptoin

Test Drive Your Cloud Strategy

Avoid The Costly Mistakes

In order to establish a strong cloud foundation for your organization, you need to define a clear cloud-adaption strategy well in advance.POC provides you the freedom of choosing the right combination of technology, services, platforms, & infrastructure. It helps you to reduce complexity and scale effortlessly.

eCloud Rapid Prototypes Solutions

Create the Culture of Innovation to move forward

Build Your Decision Making Engine

Build a POC(proof-of-concept) practice within your organization to continuously generate valuable information to validate your solution design, goals, scope, and success criteria. POC helps you to make the right decisions and eliminate any delays due to your legitimate concerns related to technology, cost, agility, scalability and high availability, etc.

Ensure that you are making the right choices for your business solutions and selecting the right technologies to serve your objectives. POC allows you to review the proposed solution with the stakeholders before proceeding with the production deployment.

We develop Cloud POC in isolation without affecting any of your production environments

POCs are done on a smaller scale to control the budget and get faster results

Revert or restart from any point if it fails or doesn’t fully give you the desired results

Thorough testing & validations are performed to ensure all your business objectives are achieved

Only successful POCs are considered for the launch and deployed in the production 

Steps are repeated for other cloud initiatives & digital transformation is achieved faster & safer

Your Digital Innovation partner

eCloudChain Can Get You Started

Whether you are planning for Cloud Migration, Infrastructure Automation, Native Cloud Solutions or Advance Analytics based on ML/AI or IoT, we can help you build rapid prototypes using the latest technology stack including AWS, Azure, GCP, and more.

We have deep experience in the areas of modern cloud technologies. We are passionate to solve problems through technical innovations and are committed to value-based and timely delivery for our customers as their cloud enabler partners.

eCloudChain POC Benefits

Master the Art of Digital Transformation in 2021

Let's Build POCs for Your Use-Cases

Proof-of-Concept is an important aspect to consider to determine how the new solution will fit into your business needs. There could be numerous ways of developing a modern digital solution and POCs can guide you into the right direction from a business,technical and financial stand point.

Cloud Migration

Migration POC can help you explore how Cloud can reduce your TCO

Automation POCs

Build Infrastructure as a code automation to explore how to improve business agility

Advance Analytics

With Analytics POCs , explore how you can you create real-time visualizations based on ML/AI


Quickly build and test POCs for the cloud based solutions and choose the right architecture that works for your business
eCloud POC
"Organizations are ready with a comprehensive digital transformation implementation roadmaps for 2021 ”
- IDC Report

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