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Think Serverless

What is serverless technology and why are many organizations adopting the serverless architecture framework for developing modern software solutions?

Serverless architecture provides you the ability to deploy the code without provisioning, running any servers, or installing any software tools on it.

Serverless helps in reducing the heavy operational overhead of managing servers, operation systems, and many application components installed on it.

All you have to do is to upload your code which is then executed by the serverless platform managed by the cloud provider

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Why Serverless Computing is Getting So Popular?

Serverless Computing is getting immensely popular since it eliminates the need for heavy lift and shift and server maintenance such as backups, patching, and upgrades. 

All the operational heads of underlying infrastructure are abstracted and handled by the cloud service provider and hence you are only responsible for the code and its business logic.

This means, as an application developer you only need to concentrate to build application functionalities without worrying about any system outages, failovers, and bottlenecks. Code execution is fully managed by the cloud provider.

Serverless Computing is the Nex-Gen Software Development Technology

Serverless computing is the next-generation technology to build high-quality software faster & bug-free.

Infrastructure is automated in serverless computing and it is fully managed by the Cloud provider. You don’t need to explicitly configure the servers or containers. As a code developer, you have no idea of what server configuration your function runs on.

Software development teams can now focus on writing code and optimizing their application design, developing and deploying software products hustle-free.

So it makes you more agile and gives you a competitive edge to improve the Time-To-Market(TOI).

You can greatly improve the customer experience of your products and services by quickly launching the new features by using serverless architecture.

Serverless Works On Pay-As-You-Go Model

Serverless services offered by the cloud provider are based on the pay-as-you-go model and you are only charged for what you use.

For example, AWS Lambda functions only run when they are requested by its Serverless applications and the underlying infrastructure automatically scales up or down dynamically based on the requested compute power.

With AWS serverless compute services, you are charged for the time it takes for your code to execute and the number of times your code is triggered. You don’t pay anything when your code isn’t running. 

Your business will always have as much compute power as it needs without buying any additional hardware or equipment when your business starts growing.


Serverless computing can help your organizations to move faster from idea to product launch at the lowest possible cost. Besides many key benefits, Serverless also has certain challenges.

Choose the right use-case

Choosing the right use case for serverless architecture is very important. Serverless functions can be expensive for predictable traffic and uniform in nature since there are execution duration limitations and so in such a scenario it is more cost-efficient to run it on VM or EC2 instance

Manage vendor lock-in

Each Cloud provider has its own native monitoring and deployment architecture that it uses to provide Function-as-a-service(FaaS). Therefore while moving from one cloud platform to another(for example AWS to Azure), you may need to redesign the serverless application architecture according to the targetted new cloud platform.

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Our agile teams of innovative thinkers can deliver large outcomes for your organization.

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