Why Your Business Needs Infrastructure Monitoring ?

Does your IT department spend more time reacting to the problems and troubleshooting them?

Is your organization finding it difficult to provide efficient and consistent services to your customers and causing low customer experience resulting in declined sales?

If yes then you need to immediately start thinking about the infrastructure monitoring solutions and regular health check-ups of your IT & Cloud Infrastructure.

Whether your IT infrastructure resides on Cloud, On-premises, or Hybrid, an Infrastructure monitoring solution is required more than you probably can imagine. Having a 360 view of your enterprise’s applications, databases and infrastructure are paramount in preventing critical issues and helping you make informed decisions to reshape the future of your IT infrastructure.

Infrastrcuture Monitoring

What is Infrastructure Monitoring?

According to a global survey, 96% of companies have accepted that they have experienced at least one or two IT outages in the last three years. The survey has concluded that these companies don’t have the right tools & resources to avoid these catastrophic issues even though the majority of such outages could have been avoided.

The high availability of any IT infrastructure is very critical. In fact, 80% of companies have ranked high availability more than security and performance.

An extremely well-designed IT infrastructure architecture with the best possible resource planning can start falling apart in absence of proper infrastructure monitoring solutions.

For any organization, an Infrastructure monitoring solution is key to keep its business up and running. It helps you to get complete visibility of the enterprise network devices, systems, and applications. Keeping the IT Infrastructure healthy requires more intelligent alerts including SMS, Email, and Slack integration to know the developing issues well in advance before they are reported by the users.

Improve Performance of your IT Infrastructure

The infrastructure performance monitoring system keeps the track of important business processes and their Key Performance Indicator(KPI) metrics related to CPU and Memory utilization.

Infrastructure performance monitoring tools collect all the performance data points, logs, events to provide insight into underlying resources, applications, and services. With the help of these monitoring tools, all resources from Cloud and On-premises can be tracked for CPU usage, latency, storage space, network traffic, memory, and other custom parameters. This data is used to identify the performance issues before it affects the end-users.

Improve your Customer Experience

Infrastructure monitoring solution allows you to monitor SLAs and KPIs to ensure whether or not your business is timely delivering the services to your customers promised by you. Infrastructure monitoring dashboards and reports can be shared with the customers for them to see the valuable services being delivered to them. Hence infrastructure monitoring solution helps to significantly improve the customer experience.

Besides this, It also enables you to deliver unique services, deploy new technologies and upgrade infrastructure safely and when required. Therefore infrastructure monitoring solution is key to improve time-to-market for any new products or services.

Improve your IT Infrastructure Security

Whether it’s malware, hackers, or careless employees, most companies are routinely exposed to security threats of different severity levels. So despite building up an infrastructure with security best practices, the importance of infrastructure monitoring systems is crucial for your business to keep it secure against any unknown threats.

Infrastructure monitoring solution watches network, application, and databases for any malicious behavior and blocks attacks like DDoS attacks, cross-site scripting, and injection attacks in real-time and with high precision.

Get Real time Analysis of IT Resources 

AWS Cloudwatch is an Infrastructure monitoring solution by Amazon. It helps in monitoring and analyzing resource metrics and logs to help visualize your applications and infrastructure stack, create alarms to indicate the root cause of the problems related to any of the deployed AWS services including EC2, Amazon ECS, AWS Fargate, Amazon EKS, and Kubernetes.

The adoption of microservices & containerized applications is increasing rapidly. The monitoring of containers is challenging because containers are short-lived and get deployed continuously causing difficulty to collect all the data points and analyze the performance. AWS Cloudwatch makes it easier to quickly get the container insights and analyze the data for capacity planning.


Despite a well-built  IT infrastructure system in place, events will still continue to occur, But a reactive approach is certainly not the right method to deal with them.Whether your IT infrastructure is on-premises or in the cloud, a robust IT infrastructure monitoring strategy can make a significant difference and allows you to have a proactive approach to anticipate issues before they have occurred. With a well-defined and implemented infrastructure monitoring solution in place, you can gain the business benefits and calculate the real ROI. 

Infrastructure monitoring solutions powered with machine learning algorithms can be used to identify anomalies and their root causes. This helps in analyzing historical data points and looks for predictable patterns and their frequencies. Hence a robust Infrastructure monitoring solution can even help you to better predict the future and plan accordingly.

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