Job-Description: Full Stack Developers & Interns (Remote)
Job-Code: FS8822
Qualification and Experience
  • Strong proficiency in JavaScript(ES6) & React and its core principals
  • Knowledge of Gatsby framework with a good understanding of Babel, Webpack & NPM
  • Experience in popular React.js workflows (such as Flux or Redux) and DOM & Hooks
  • Good knowledge of Restful and Graphql APIs
  • In-depth knowledge of UI development using CSS,HTML,Bootstrap & Material UI
  • Knowledge of AWS services and native Cloud-based application development will be an added advantage
  • Solution-oriented and capable to learn fast and work independently
  • Develop web-based solutions  using modern technologies, like React, Gatsby, and Graphql
  • Troubleshoot & debug the complex issues.
  • Build POCs, MVPs & Production solutions for various business use-cases

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