Continuous Integration and Development(CI/CD)

Automated Deployment Pipeline

AWS CodePipeline, CodeBuild & CodeDeploy

This automated deployment pipeline solution uses AWS S3, AWS Codedeploy and AWS EC2  integrated with the production servers to create a seamless build, test and deployment process. Automated and hassle-free software development and bug fixing mechanism has speed-up the delivery process and improved the quality of applications while still providing full control over various build, test and deployment stages. 

CS1 Diagram v0.6
Oracle Redshift-2

A Datawarehouse Solution

Migrating Oracle to AWS Redshift


eCloudChain has successfully Migrated the Oracle DB to Amazon Redshift using AWS Data-Migration-Service (DMS) and AWS Schema Conversion Tool ( SCT )  for seamless migration process with schema conversion.The new data warehouse solution on Amazon Redshift has substantially improved query and data load performance, increase scalability, and reduced the cost

Continious Integration and Deployment

Continuous Software Release

Jenkins,AWS Codepipeline,CodeDeploy,Cloudwatch

AWS Codepipeline is used to establish a workflow from Git to production using Jenkins to incorporate continuous code changes and bug fixes by the development and testing teams. Seamless development, build, test and deployment process was successfully implemented to establish a cloud-based DevOps culture.

CS3 modified v0.3

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