Fusion of AI and Cloud

Digital Transformation has become an ongoing process rather than a one-time goal, with market-attuned companies continually on the hunt for the next big technology shift that gives them a competitive advantage. That next big shift is the fusion of artificial intelligence and cloud computing, which promises to be both a source of innovation and a means to accelerate change…


eCloud AI and Cloud

Cloud & AI – The next big shift

The world of technology is ever-evolving. The days of the emergence of the Internet and Mobile network are already looking like a distant past. In recent years Cloud Computing has become the mainstream element of all Business and Technology solutions. But if you think that we have reached the saturation point of the fast-paced change in the way our world functions, think again. Experts believe that the biggest disruption in the dynamics of our relationship with the world around us is yet to come and has almost arrived.

The journey of Cloud Computing which started as providing Platform as a service (PaaS) and Software as a service (SaaS) reached to a new peak of growth with the emergence of Big Data technologies. Internet of Things (IoT), the term describing the global network of billions of interconnected devices and sensors, has caused an explosion in the volume of data in the form of text, video, images, and audio. The need to store, dissect and analyze such huge volumes of unstructured data facilitated the current rise of Data platforms as services by Cloud Computing.


Why AI is getting so much focus

Artificial Intelligence (AI) makes it possible for machines to learn from experience. The ability to use Natural Language Processing (NLP), Machine Learning, and Cognitive computing allows the machine to simulate human behavior. Every industry has a high demand for AI capabilities – Voice/Speech recognition and Face recognition are already used widely in various industries. The problem-solving capability has recently resulted in the defeat of the finest human players of Poker and Go by AI. Machine learning systems are not only replacing older algorithms in many applications but are now superior at many tasks that were once done best by humans. AI is transforming simple devices into ‘Thinking Machines’ and is converging to trigger the next major wave of change. This ‘digital transformation’ will reshape every aspect of the enterprise, including cloud computing.


How Cloud and AI help each other

The availability of a large volume of accurate data and the ability to process it in real-time is the key to the growth of AI solutions. Machine learning models are generated when a massive amount of data is applied to statistical algorithms. Such models which learn from discovering and analyzing existing patterns from a vast pool of data is seen as the bright future of science. The more data, the better the accuracy of prediction. cloud supports the massive data storage capacity, scalable compute power, and embedded graphics processing units (GPUs) to handle the huge data stores and algorithms that AI systems need to work on an ongoing basis. The scalability and agility of the cloud make it the most viable place for complex AI-driven innovation.

The current usage of Cloud Computing is based on its storage and computing capabilities. The integration of Artificial Intelligence in the cloud will increase the cloud capabilities immensely. The intelligent cloud can analyze and learn from its own vast pool of data and use this intelligence to improve its own structure and performance. This is where the future of technology lies.

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