Internet of Things(IoT)

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 The Internet of Things is now a reality due to the convergence of several technologies. IoT is rapidly transforming our way of lives.Smart devices are everywhere like wearable devices, environmental sensors, integrated machines in factories, connected devices in homes and buildings.Applications can keep track of and communicate with all your devices all the time to get better visibility and insights. The data communication between the devices is highly secure and encrypted throughout all the end-points, Additional security protocols can be obtained by applying access permissions and policies.

IoT Offerings


Remote Monitoring

Get Better visibility of your equipment and devices and collect real-time transmitted data using automated alerts & notifications for better maintenance.


Discover new Insights

Collect the data and analyze it in real time to come up with new insights and information patterns to perform intelligent business decisions.


Enhance Productivity

Connected devices and integrated equipment helps to enhance operational productivity and profitability. Bigdata is collected & analyzed to improve efficiency.


Improve Quality

Improve quality, efficiency and equipment reliability optimize the performance and get the potential issues before they occur with predictive analysis.

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IoT for SmartCities

  • Smarter Building and urban planning solution support
  • Cloud-based appliance control including heating,lighting, and hot water
  • Smart urban mobility including energy ,water,waste systems
  • Application based autonomous vehicle networks
  • Drones for real-time traffic data

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