Twitter Live Dashboards to Combat COVID-19


The World Health Organization(WHO) has declared the coronavirus (COVID-19) a global pandemic which threatens the lives of humans.Outside Wuhan,China the virus has already spread across 46 countries and further expanding.World needs a quick and safe solution right now to combat further spread of the coronavirus.

How Twitter Live Dashboards can help Authorities

Analyze live data-stream and communicate back globally

Twitter data extraction and data mining can significantly help doctors and government authorities to adequately understand the critical disease, its patterns, and symptoms and present them with valuable insights to promptly arrive at the appropriate treatment, medicines, and preventive guidelines.

Cloud-based Twitter Live Dashboards based on Machine Learning and NLP algorithms can provide meaningful analysis to deal with such Pandemic like Coronavirus(Covid-19).

There are millions of authentic tweets concerning Coronavirus originating at all the time. These tweets hold vital information that can help us understand the disease and its root causes. The latest ML & AI heatmaps are used to trace and filter out the misinformation floating and provide us with accurate data streaming to analyze and visualize it on live dashboards.

These live dashboards can quickly indicate the authorities about variety of emerging patterns, and symptoms, locations, treatments, medicines, vaccines, etc. which could be a lifesaver for many if implemented on time. Furthermore, necessary information can be shared back using predefined hashtags.

ecloudchain coronavirus solution

Analyze the Data in Real-Time and Batch

Serverless architecture to handle high volume of live streaming data

Twitter provides a comprehensive streaming APIs that developers can use to download the tweeter data in real-time and batch to be able to analyze live and historical both categories of tweets. Our Twitter Live Dashboards provide a detail analytical & monitoring solution for any hashtag, term, users, location, likes, retweets, and perform machine learning-based sentiment analysis.

A specific Serverless Architecture is designed to continuously analyze an ever-changing set of data-driven events.

Tweeter streaming data is huge and it needs high compute and storage resources to extract, store, process, analyze and finally visualize the data with a meaningful output. It’s done with the help of a combination of technologies and services i.e AWS EC2, Python Tweepy libraries, AWS SDKs, S3, Athena, Lambda and AWS Quicksight.

eCloud Twitter Architecture

Interactive Live Dashboards for 360 Degree Analysis

Drill down based on locations,users, likes & re-tweets and more

Solution provides you with a perfectly slice and dice of a high volume of complex live streaming data to create an interactive analytics to allow you to instantly explore the desired information in the form of live visualization dashboards.

The data in these dashboards can be manipulated by grouping and aggregating based on likes,re-tweets, locations, number of tweets, etc. to get the desired and meaningful insights. It also supports the features to download the CSV files at any stage of analysis to get a further detailed analysis of the entire data-set.Dashboards continuously fetch the new data to update its graphs and summaries.

eCloudChain Corona Dashboard 1
eCloudChain Location Coronavirus with highest tweets
eCloudChain Users Coronavirus
eCloudChain Users Coronavirus with highest tweets
eCloudChain Location Coronavirus


World Health Organization(WHO) keeps issuing new guidelines for COVID-19 preventive measures to control the global outbreak. These guidelines are being updated every moment  based on latest development of the nature of the decease, locations, and medical research outcomes.
Twitter analytical Dashboards ML insights can contribute and support local authorities to discover hidden trends and patterns, learn critical factors and provide timely alternatives and perform powerful analysis and forecasting. It can help in saving days of manual investigation and analysis.


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